5 Top Tips for Perfect Airbnb Photography

The initial photos may be the only opportunity you have to grab the attention of a potential guest when they are scoring through the hundreds of accommodation options, so you need to follow some basic rules to capture their attention and have perfect Airbnb photography.

1) Tidy it Up!

No guest wants to see your dirty dishes in the sink or your discarded pants on the floor. Have your place professionally cleaned and remove all excess clutter for a perfect scene.7ebec5Tidy it Up

2) Let There Be Light!

To capture your property in its best light (pun intended), shoot your photos during the day. Turn all the lights on when you get into the property to let them warm up and give the place a nice glow. The example below is the perfect illustration to show what the correct conditions, lighting and a decent camera can make a space looking like.


ebec5Tidy it Up


ebec5Tidy it Up!

3) Shoot like John Wayne

Stand back and shoot straight! Tackle your space face on and avoid distortion by shooting angled down or up. No-one wants to be deciphering the kitchen sink like Bruce Lee in the mirror scene in Enter the Dragon, so keep it simple. Take a nice step back to make the room appear bigger, even if your back is up against the wall.

4) Take the Guesswork Out of Your Space

Shoot into corners to give your space perspective and avoid avoid aiming at windows. But before that, take some time to arrange the property as if your first guests are about to walk through the door. Ensure all its highlights are featured prominently and subtly. If you have a cracking double ended stone bath, get it filled up with bubble bath and a candle to show what is possible in your space. Make sure you take all the photos at the same time of day. It also helps to get some  shots of the exterior of the building and some local landmarks. Use the captions box to detail the contents of each photo – it’s a quick trick as most potential guests when searching for properties only look at the photos before moving on to the next listing.  Up!

5) Bonus Tip

Take your photos in landscape with a high resolution. Seems simple but very effective and often ignored. Most holiday let websites display photos in landscape, so why make it difficult for yourself! Want to make it very easy for yourself? Let us at Short Stay St Andrews take your professional photos, write your attractive listing for you and manage the whole process for you, hassle-free. Contact us today to find out what services we offer and how we can help you make the most of your holiday let property in St Andrews and the East Neuk of Fife.

#7ebec5idy it Up!