Linen only? No problem.

We understand that many owners and operators have a tried and tested system that they’re happy with, but would like to streamline their linen operations. We have used our quantity leverage from our properties under management and ownership to secure preferential laundry rates for hired linen.

Why use hired linen?

  • Focus on your core business – when you outsource your linens to a specialist service, you free yourselves up to concentrate all your efforts on your business and enable you and your staff to devote all of their time to keeping your guests happy.
  • Reduce capital investment – we work with suppliers who have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in the latest machinery and training to create skilled employees and sound systems that produce outstanding results for a low rate per item. Far cheaper than depreciating your own linen.
  • Accurate budgeting – budgeting is far more accurate when you outsource the washing and presentation of your linen. You are no longer accounting for staff wages, training and workloads. You also won’t have to allow for the depreciation of your linen.
  • Top quality linen – we supply top quality linen for you and your guests. Quality control is constantly undertaken to ensure the linen is up to the standards expected.
  • Professionalism – your laundry will be presented “ready to go”, perfectly washed, ironed and folded. You simply couldn’t replicate the results on a small scale and your guests will be delighted with the results.

Does it stack up? No pun intended. 

Example – 2 king beds, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen

Single sheet 0.9
Double sheet 1.04
Super King sheet 1.1
Single duvet cover – Satin Stripe 2.4
Double duvet cover – Satin Stripe 2.6
Super King duvet cover – Satin Stripe 3
Pillow case plain 0.5
Hand Towel 0.5
Bath Towel 0.66
Bath Sheet 0.84
Bath Mat 0.56
Tea Towel 0.36


To collect or to deliver? That is the question. 

You can either collect your linen from our HQ or we can deliver to you for a small charge. Whatever works for you. We keep a surplus stock to cater for the “last minute panic” that we all suffer now and again.