Fife Council Holiday Let Regulations

Fife Council, as directed by the Scottish Government have published their regulatory plan to licence holiday let operators in Fife. 

This means that all holiday let operators in Fife will require a license to operate from the 1st October 2022. 

What does this mean for me as an owner/operator of a holiday let?

    You will be required to operate under Manadatory Conditions and some Additional Conditions if required by the Council. A brief list of some that are most pertinent to the licence application and general safety:

    • Fire Safety
    • Gas Safety
    • Electrical Safety
    • Water Safety
    • Safety and Repairing Standards
    • Maximum Occupancy
    • Insurance

    Additional Conditions may be imposed to help reduce nuisance relating to:

    • Noise & Nuisance
    • Guest Arrival times
    • Recycling & Waste
    • Maintenance
    • Emergency Instructions
    • Wood burner/Open fire chimney annual inspections
    • Communal area obstructions

    What do I need to do as an owner/operator of a holiday let in Fife?

    If you are already operating a holiday let property before the 1st October 2022, you have until April 2023 to apply for a holiday let licence. When you apply you will need to have the following in place:

    • Linked Smoke Alarms
    • Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    • Gas Safety Certicate (if gas in property)
    • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
    • Portable Applicance Testing Report (PAT Testing Report)
    • Legionella Risk Assessment
    • Valid holiday let building insurance
    • Valid public liability insurance

    The proposed fee schedule for the licence application (and renewal) is as shown in the table below.


    Occupancy Licence Cost
    1-2 guests £264
    3-4 guests £292
    5-6 guests £320
    7-8 guests £348
    9-10 guests £377


    What do I do now?

    You should make preparations as soon as possible to have all the paperwork relating to the Mandatory Conditions in place as soon as possible if you do not already. When the application paperwork is available to complete you should do this as soon as practicable. 

    Can Short Stay St Andrews help us complete the paper and be listed as the Day to Day Manager?

    We certainly can! We will be well prepared to undertake applications and the appropriate safety certification or insurance recommendations. Our charging schedule will be determined by the scale of our involvement.